Indonesian-style Fried Noodles

Indonesian_style Fried Noodles Serving Plate

Indonesian “Fried Noodles” or “Mie Goreng” is a traditional fried noodle dish in Indonesia. It is a dish that is full of taste and flavour. A very common dish not only in Indonesia but also in Singapore and Malaysia.  You can find it sold in the street by food vendors and also in high end restaurants.  It was one of my favorites when I used to live in Singapore and I still love it :)

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FInancier-style with peaches featured

Financier-style with peaches

Financier is a French almond cake. It is moist, rich in sweetness, nutty, buttery and crispy like an eggshell on the outside. Financiers are usually baked in a small round, fluted and rectangular molds.

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