Almond Pulp Coconut Bread

Almond Pulp Coconut Bread_Baked

Bread is one of the most common and readily available items in any grocery stores, so you might ask why I even bother with a bread recipe? The answer is that homemade bread is free of preservatives, superior in taste, texture and way more nutritious that most store-bought brands.

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Almond Milk_Featured

Almond Milk

Nut milk is healthy, tasty and delicious. It has a creamy texture and nutty taste. Almond milk is a great alternative for lactose intolerant people or for those trying to consume less dairy and great for vegans and vegetarians.

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DR-Style Guacamole Featured

DR-Style Guacamole

Guacamole is an avocado dip originally from Mexico, but everyone has their own version these days.  This is a recipe that I learned during a family vacation in the Dominican Republic. This recipe is really tasty, delicious and it’s extremely easy to make. Yes, you heard it right – it’s an easy-peasy recipe! 😉

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Crusted Nutmeg Fried Chicken Featured

Crusted Nutmeg Fried Chicken

Growing up, fried chicken was one of the dishes we all loved. There are countless fried chicken recipes on the internet  and in almost every recipe book I have come across. In this recipe I will add a slightly different twist to the traditional fried chicken recipe.

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Chocolate Coconut Cake-Bread Featured

Chocolate Coconut Cake-Bread

I love coconut and chocolate. I try eating a small piece of dark chocolate everyday. This recipe combines chocolate and coconut with all the goodness of these two super foods in a healthy dessert.

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